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Share a Ride

As a Carpool Driver

You can save money on your day-to-day commute to work, school, the train station, bus stop, park-n-ride lot or other daily travel by registering your carpool or creating a new one. To start, create a NJ RideShare profile. For existing carpools, register your group and invite participants to join online. To create a new group or fill vacancies, conduct a search and connect with other commuters.

Carpooling can enhance your sense of well-being, alleviate stress and add an enjoyable experience to a long commute.

Begin Carpooling

NJ Rideshare has made it easier for you to offer a ride or share the driving with someone else. Simply decide on the regular commute you are offering, create a profile, search and connect with others.

As you figure out the commute you are offering, consider these points:

  • What roads will you traveling? Where would the stops along the way be and what are the boarding and departure times? Could you drive to a transit stop to pick up riders?
  • Will you drive daily or share the driving with others?
  • Do you have a regular carpool vehicle, or would you rent one?
  • How will the total commuter costs be calculated? What will riders be charged? Will each person takes a turn driving and have no exchange of money?
  • Where could the carpool group meet?
  • Where will the vehicle be parked? Who will coordinate collection and payment with the parking garage?

NJ RideShare Can Help

You can search our database of commuters for free. Registrants are riders or drivers who end their trip in New Jersey.

If you need help with designing a carpool commute, contact your local Transportation Management Association - TMA. (See the list of TMAs in the footer of this page.) Your TMA can suggest routing and provide assistance in finding partners.